Currently, we build wells in Ghana, Nigeria, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Peru & China. 

Previous Water Source

Peru – AA.HH Aeropuerto – San Juan Bautista District – State of Loreto

“We are thankful for the help and having clean water. We were so in need of clean water. We also thank the people who helped to build the well, which is going to serve to get water in a better way than we used to.” – Mrs. Julia Josefa Cadillo Veta

The village head, Mallam Samaila Bature, thanked the team for coming to provide his village with fresh water.


Previous Water Sources

Thailand – Ka Set Pat Ta Na Village, province of Sakonnakhon

Mr. Boonmee, age 52 said, “I’m so glad to have a great project that helps the village. Water is so essential for drinking or growing squash, cucumber, or rice. Our village is on a plateau. Water for drinking is insufficient. We feel very proud. Once again, thank you so much.” The closest water supply before this was 1.24 miles.