WHOLE Well Sponsors

We build bore wells in foreign countries using indigenous well builders. Operation Blessing acts as our agent without compensation and oversees the drilling process. Once the most advantageous location in a village is determined, we drill until fresh uncontaminated water is located. Then we continue to drill deeper to assure the fresh water supply will be maintained all year. Drilling can be anywhere from 60 to 360 feet down. The well is capped and a hand pump is installed. Operation Blessing also provides lessons in hygiene. At this time we are building wells in 11 countries and cisterns in China.

Construction Costs
$1,800 for a well
$1,800 for four cisterns
$450 for one cistern
(Donations received in various incremental amounts are combined to build wells.)

In addition to selecting how the dedication plaque will read, you have a choice from the 11 countries where the well will be built.
People who sponsor a whole well or 4 cisterns receive a donor packet with pictures of the dedication and information about the village and its people.

our structure

At each well site there is a large dedication plaque showing the name of the person, group, or Organization who sponsored the well. You also can dedicate a well in memory or honor of a loved one. On the second line of the plaque, below the sponsor’s name is “Women of the Wells.” We leave the options for dedication open for discussion for anyone who sponsors a well. Wells built from accumulated donations read “Women of the Wells.”

We are governed by a responsible, unpaid Board of Directors, and have no paid staff. Our Board, which draws no salaries, meets to establish policies, plan fundraising events, approve budgets, and review operational results and accomplishments. We also have an unpaid Planning Committee that participates in the planning of events. Some members of our Planning Committee comprise the Public Relations Committee, which is involved more directly with outreach to the community (contacting potential sponsors such as businesses, schools, churches, and the media).
For the most part, the costs we have had have been paid by various members of the Board and Committees. We have no unpaid debts.

OUR mission & vision

is to provide clean, uncontaminated water to impoverished people throughout the world. 

how we build...