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• Approximately 80% of diseases in the world come from unclean water
• 50% of world wide infant mortality is due to water related disease
• 1.2 billion people are at risk of contracting disease by drinking water

​• Every 20 seconds a child dies

from a waterborne disease

​​The 2018 WOW Walk 4 Water event has been postponed.

WOW Walk 4 Water 



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For more than a decade, Women of the Wells has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the underprivileged by building wells that bring clean, safe drinking water to those in need.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

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those in need

Speakers Bureau
We have started a Speakers Bureau and are letting people know about the work we are doing and why we do it. Most people have no idea the extent of deadly waterborne diseases and death caused by the absence of a clean water supply to a village… or the fact that it’s PREVENTABLE. We are happy to speak at any gatherings in corporations, civic organizations, churches, or schools. For more information on this, contact our office at (714) 846-2244.

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Our mission is to provide clean, uncontaminated water to impoverished people throughout the world.

"Women of the Wells is a cause with a Cure"

Reach Out          Work with members in your community & make a difference


We build bore wells in water-impoverished countries, taking clean water to those without a clean water supply. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people and stopping an array of diseases (and blindness caused by dirty water), suffering and death. By providing a village with a clean water supply, we also end the cycle of poverty by providing hope for a better tomorrow.
We impact the lives of children by ending their water-gathering duties and allowing them to attend school. When the heavy responsibility for fetching the family water supply falls on children, they have no time to attend school. Some who fetch water have been attacked and killed by animals on the trek to a distant (and often dirty) water supply.
The wells built provide clean water to tens of thousands everyday and will for generations to come.

Non-Profit Status
We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization.

We are a group who upon learning of the suffering, disease and deaths of millions of people each year due to water shortages and unclean water said, “This is preventable.” It was on that day in 2005 that Women of the Wells was born. Our first fund raiser was a luncheon and we raised enough funds to build 5 wells. Encouraged by the success of this endeavor we hosted two more luncheons before we brought this outreach to the greater public by having a Walk 4 Water. To date we have relieved the suffering of tens of thousands of people.